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Bitcas Collab: Our Definitive Ranking of Every Season of Every Show That Matters

If you have not seen www.thewire.com‘s article: A Definitive Ranking of Every Season of Every TV  Show That Mattered, do that please before you read our response to this article.

We were inspired by this well-thought-out and clearly logical article of rankings of every season of every TV show that mattered, we truly were. First of all, we loved the shows that were picked as the ones that mattered. Us Bitcas would have never thought to put Gilmore GirlsER, Friends, Seinfeld, and Sopranos, in the same list, not to mention included in a list with only 10 most important shows. Can we stop for a second to also give this author a round of applause for watching 15 seasons of ER, honestly that is deserving of all of the awards. Maybe, just maybe, we disagree about a few things, like for example the order of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series (SERIOUSLY SEASON 7 SHOULD BE RANKED HIGHER THAN SEASON 4) . Some may say that the list looks like it was chosen by someone who hasn’t actually seen the series, but we wouldn’t say that, no sir. Instead of giving our opinions on the choices made, we decided to make our own equally as significant and well-composed rankings of every season of every show that matters. Here it is… Oh but before we start we think that it would be great to follow the footsteps of the wise author by putting our own similar introduction/note from author:

This list is correct. It’s definitive. It’s not wrong. Don’t argue. This is no place to argue. Thanks. Xoxo. Feminist Bitcas.

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