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The Cake Is A Lie And So Is The Perception of Gamers and Women in Video Games

Disclaimer: Let me just start by saying that I don’t consider myself a “gamer” because of my recent lack of gaming. I do, though, read books about game theories, have taken video game/animation classes, and know about games! Theoretically I could call myself a gamer, but I won’t, but I can…


I grew up with video games. From playing Bubble Bobble on a dinosaur of a computer, to throwing chickens in Ocarina of TimeI lived in the many worlds created by video game creators. Back then, as a kid, it was just family fun; it was a chance for my brothers and I to bond on rainy days and it was an even playing field. Growing older, I start to feel that it is a statement to play video games, not just a fun activity to  partake in for some good old competition or a distraction that takes more strategy and brain power. Now, apparently there are qualifications to call yourself a gamer, and most of those qualifications have to do with being male. The video game world is not one that is comfortable for a woman. Women and girls who play these games have to deal with grumpy male “gamers” who apparently create the “gamer” requirements, and also they have to deal with a lack of strong playable female characters, let alone ones who are realistically female.

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