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The Evil Sex: Abstinence Based Sexual Education Vs You

Wide-eyed and bushy tailed, I sit down eagerly waiting for a new world in learning, a class called “Sex Ed” awaits me. I watch in anticipation as my teacher swaggers their way up to the front of the class and turns on the projector, something new and interesting is coming. The projector radiates heat, and the class starts with a bang… “STDS”, “AIDS”, “PREGNANCY”, “FALLEN OFF GENITALIA”, “PAIN”, “DEATH”. From the 5th grade until high school graduation (for those who are lucky), schools teach us that sex is something to be feared and I almost fell for it. Continue reading

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“We are, Like, Feminist Heroes”: Broad City and Everyday Feminism

No, New Republic, Broad City is not “post feminist”. It is, in fact, FEMINIST AS $#%&. Let this rant (a probably poorly written one at that) ensue.

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The Cake Is A Lie And So Is The Perception of Gamers and Women in Video Games

Disclaimer: Let me just start by saying that I don’t consider myself a “gamer” because of my recent lack of gaming. I do, though, read books about game theories, have taken video game/animation classes, and know about games! Theoretically I could call myself a gamer, but I won’t, but I can…


I grew up with video games. From playing Bubble Bobble on a dinosaur of a computer, to throwing chickens in Ocarina of TimeI lived in the many worlds created by video game creators. Back then, as a kid, it was just family fun; it was a chance for my brothers and I to bond on rainy days and it was an even playing field. Growing older, I start to feel that it is a statement to play video games, not just a fun activity to  partake in for some good old competition or a distraction that takes more strategy and brain power. Now, apparently there are qualifications to call yourself a gamer, and most of those qualifications have to do with being male. The video game world is not one that is comfortable for a woman. Women and girls who play these games have to deal with grumpy male “gamers” who apparently create the “gamer” requirements, and also they have to deal with a lack of strong playable female characters, let alone ones who are realistically female.

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Bitcas Collab: Our Definitive Ranking of Every Season of Every Show That Matters

If you have not seen www.thewire.com‘s article: A Definitive Ranking of Every Season of Every TV  Show That Mattered, do that please before you read our response to this article.

We were inspired by this well-thought-out and clearly logical article of rankings of every season of every TV show that mattered, we truly were. First of all, we loved the shows that were picked as the ones that mattered. Us Bitcas would have never thought to put Gilmore GirlsER, Friends, Seinfeld, and Sopranos, in the same list, not to mention included in a list with only 10 most important shows. Can we stop for a second to also give this author a round of applause for watching 15 seasons of ER, honestly that is deserving of all of the awards. Maybe, just maybe, we disagree about a few things, like for example the order of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series (SERIOUSLY SEASON 7 SHOULD BE RANKED HIGHER THAN SEASON 4) . Some may say that the list looks like it was chosen by someone who hasn’t actually seen the series, but we wouldn’t say that, no sir. Instead of giving our opinions on the choices made, we decided to make our own equally as significant and well-composed rankings of every season of every show that matters. Here it is… Oh but before we start we think that it would be great to follow the footsteps of the wise author by putting our own similar introduction/note from author:

This list is correct. It’s definitive. It’s not wrong. Don’t argue. This is no place to argue. Thanks. Xoxo. Feminist Bitcas.

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Feminist Bitcas

Hello Bitcas!

Although this blog was created for the purpose of two best friends staying in touch throughout the summer, we are in fact making it available for anyone who cares to read it (so probably just our moms). We will be writing and posting videos about pretty much anything through a feminist’s viewpoint. This blog will include, but is not limited to, film, television, and book reviews, personal stories or events, commentaries on current events and just some good ol’ fashion rants. *Feminist Bitcas will most likely also include back and fourth arguing about each other’s writing styles and complaints about the overuse or lack thereof commas. So stay tuned! We will soon be demolishing the internet and its patriarchy with some class act mediocre blogging!


The Feminist Bitcas,

Brynna and Elena

PS: Brynna already added an oxford comma. This will be interesting.

*For any wondering: “Bitca” is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference

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Without a Prince (An Animated Short)

By the Feminist Bitca: Elena
First animated short required for an intro class.

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