Not-So-Guilty Pleasures Ep.1: Grey’s Anatomy


We all have those guilty pleasure TV shows that we hide with dirty shame (Dances Moms). Then there are those guilty pleasures that we will always defend until we’re blue in the face; for me that blue-face inducing show is Grey’s Anatomy. Although I would agree that a lot of what hooks me on the show is the heart-stopping drama and dreamy characters, but there are also a lot of meaningful messages and significant feminist values.

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“And I Think I’m Kinda Gay”: Bisexuality and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

*Mega spoilers ahead*

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has always been celebrated for realistic depictions of LGBT characters, and holds the title of the first TV show to portray a lesbian sex scene. Joss Whedon planned from the beginning of the show to put one of the lead characters into a queer relationship, and he ended up choosing Willow, Buffy’s best friend. Continue reading

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Feminist Bitcas

Hello Bitcas!

Although this blog was created for the purpose of two best friends staying in touch throughout the summer, we are in fact making it available for anyone who cares to read it (so probably just our moms). We will be writing and posting videos about pretty much anything through a feminist’s viewpoint. This blog will include, but is not limited to, film, television, and book reviews, personal stories or events, commentaries on current events and just some good ol’ fashion rants. *Feminist Bitcas will most likely also include back and fourth arguing about each other’s writing styles and complaints about the overuse or lack thereof commas. So stay tuned! We will soon be demolishing the internet and its patriarchy with some class act mediocre blogging!


The Feminist Bitcas,

Brynna and Elena

PS: Brynna already added an oxford comma. This will be interesting.

*For any wondering: “Bitca” is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference

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Without a Prince (An Animated Short)

By the Feminist Bitca: Elena
First animated short required for an intro class.

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Ellie has Something She Wants to Tell Us.

Created by Bitca Brynna.

BTW: This was a presentation I did on how I think that Elsa from Frozen is gay. OKAY?


Feminist Bitcas will appear for their debut after finding themselves in the ocean!

The Feminist Bitca's will soon start posting! Stay tuned while Brynna finds herself in the ocean.

The Feminist Bitcas will soon start posting! Stay tuned while Brynna finds herself in the ocean.